Sulky thread list

1101True Green
0538Forest Green
1101True Green
1109Hot Pink
1238Orange Sunrise
1001Bright White
1182Blue Black
1109Hot Pink
1285Dk. Sage Green
1101True Green
1) Hoop 2 layers of tearaway.
2) Place one piece of fabric on top of the hoop.
3) Stitch the first 2 colors.
4) Trim excess fabric.
5) Stitch the next 6 colors.
6) Cut a piece of fast2fuse or similar in a square the same size as the frame or approximate 190*150 mm.
7) Use as small amount of glue as possible and stick the fast2fuse to the back of the frame.
8) Stitch the next colour.
9) If necessary trim the fast2fuse.
10) Stitch the last colour.
11) Trim the excess tearaway.