How to update your credit card at WorldPay

    Please feel free to sign up for a new subscription, if you should encounter problems updating your card

    1) Please log into WorldPay at
    Most likely you won't have any idea what your username and password are at WorldPay, so please click on "Forgot your password" to retrieve them, unless you know them or can find them from your sign up. In that case you can skip to part 4

      2) Please type the "Agreement ID" which you can see in any of the emails you have received from WorldPay and your Email and click on "Send reminder"

        3) Please click on "Go to home page" and check your email

          4) You will receive two emails from WorldPay. One with username (which actual is a number) and one with your password. Please copy-paste them as they are case sensitive and click on "log in"

            5) Please click on the Agreement ID

              6) Please click on the "Change Payment Details"

                6) Please provide your Credit Card information, tick the box and click on "Submit"